A downloadable game

The rules are quick and dirty. The set up is faster. This game is for two players.

Take two full suits (like Queens or twos) and the joker.

Now to play.

A player takes the deck of 9 cards and shuffles. Then fan the cards so that the your opponent can draw a card. The card is only revealed after a guess to what it is has been made. If correct points will be awarded as followed:

  1. If value 4 points
  2. If suite 6 points
  3. If both 10 points
  4. If incorrect Joker -4 points and the Joker is shuffled back into the deck

Then pass the deck

And the Win!!!

  1. If if a player call a joker correctly
  2. The player with the most points if both players have not drawn the joker in the last draw.

For a longer play you can add a seconded deck for the other player and rules follow as normal.